Hi, I’m Christian

Hi, my name is Christian Hülskamp-Seesing. UX Designer by heart, I founded multiple startups and currently am the CEO of the digital company KISS.

I believe in design-driven yet people-centered companies and strive to make technology more human.

My first computer was a C64 and at the age of 12 I created my first website.

During high school, I learned a lot about the human mind and managed to get my hands on Photoshop. It infected me right away.
I was a designer, not a developer.

With graduation in my pocket, I started working at a protectory by day whilst handling my first freelance design jobs at night.

I wanted to know more about business, design and psychology and moved on to a well-known global advertising network.

I realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t build to do “classical advertising”. Decisions were made that I just couldn’t agree with. I am generally OK with that, but it made me feel powerless. And that really freaked me out.

I wasn’t excited anymore. I was doing work I did not believe in. I was doing things for the wrong reasons. Why couldn’t they see the massive shift that was going on? – When phone became an app, it changed my view on the world.

Everything is marketing

I knew I can do this better myself. I’ve always created jobs myself. Since the age of 13 my parents have pushed me to work.

That’s how I came to freelance fulltime as a UX Designer. I connected my passion for human behavior with knowledge about design, communication, business and technology to solve real problems.

My business flourished. I hired people and founded KISS, a conscious small and therefore very agile company specialized in custom digital solutions.

Clients select us due to our high quality standards, uncompromising focus on people and straightforward approach.

In just a few years we realized to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands and organizations. Clients include P&G, Deutsche Bank, Zurich, Bayer, T-Mobile, Visa, Samsung, GSK, Volvo, Audi, VW, Fiat ...

We also helped startups such as KrediTech, streetpay and inspirato to manhandle their way into business.

Our mostly free in-house products InSite, SpritePad and SimpLESS are loved by developers and reach thousands of people every day.

Marketing is silver, experiences are gold

As a UXer, I am responsible for the experience.
What people perceive when they use a product, read messages, interact with a service or get in touch with the team. No matter what, I can design it.

Experiences are very personal nevertheless replicable. They’re highly emotional still predictable. They depend on the circumstances but yet make the moment. They can change within a second and are therefore an on-going challenge.

UX combines various different fields, it combines what I can do best. I enjoy every part of it.

Experiences define who we are

Over the years I learned more about myself and what I want to achieve in life. One thing became crystal clear:
I want to leave the world a better gooder place than how I found it.

Today, I’m a full-blood entrepreneur — designer, maker, product guy — doing what is needed.

I am a skilled UX Designer, certified Business Coach and have a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

I like cats, big and small, but especially male lions with their craggy features and impressive mane. They’re elegant and vigorous. Even when they just trot you sense their power.

I’m constantly after a simple life, enjoy good food, travel and try new things whenever I can. I’m a good listener. Humans, their thinking, behavior, cultures, and traditions fascinate me.

I love stories — in form of a good movie, book, or conversation with friends and strangers. Drop me a line or let’s meet for a cup of coffee, or a glass of juice in my case.

Keep walking.